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George Hunter Neese
Age 19 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E, Neese, of Cassville West Virginia. Turret gunner on a Torpedo Bomber. Killed at sea, in action in the invasion of the Island of Luzon, P.I., January 6, 1945,Purple Heart Medal, and Navy Commendation, with the following citation:” For distinguishing himself by... more >

Jeff Ellenson
My aunt and uncle own and operated a grocery store/gas station near the highways US2 and US53. Their names were Richard and Ann Ellenson. They told me of selling gas and groceries to Dick Bong's parents as well as the rest of the family. They remember them as most people... more >

Marshall Freerks
My father-in-law, Marshall Freerks, grew up not far from Superior in Cuyuna, Mn. He was the valadictorian of Crosby High School in 1929. After graduation he enlisted in the Navy and was a trumpeter in a band on board a battle ship. After his tour of duty he attended Carlton... more >

Russell T. Brady
My father Russell T. Brady was a medic with the Fighting 49th and gave Dick Bong pre flight physicals along with the flight physician..according to my dad ,now deceased, Dick was a great person.. a real nice guy but exceptionally "qualified and confident". I was wondering if perhaps there are... more >

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