A Message from Marge


In late August 2003, Marge Bong Drucker dictated the following message to go on the Bong Heritage Center web site. Just a month later, we sadly announced her death on Saturday, September 27. After a six-year battle with cancer, Marge died in Superior, Wisconsin, with her family at her side.

“World War II was a time in history that saw probably the most patriotic outpouring that the average citizen felt. Young kids tried to sneak into the service; they wanted to defend their country. It is a kind of patriotism that I think hasn’t shown up in a long time.

“Many people went through World War II and experienced all of this. They are alive today, and they can pass their stories on to the younger generations. They can share these through many channels, and the Bong Heritage Center is an important one in our midst where they can do this.

“I watch vets bringing in their children and grandchildren, many of whom didn’t know much about the war. They are now being educated, passing information on to their friends and families. The heritage center is truly an educational complex.

“People have often asked me what Richard would have thought about the heritage center. I always explain that I think he would have been very upset if this was just for him. But the heritage center brings in all veterans, all aspects of the war. Dick’s favorite phrase was ‘we are just doing our job.’ Well, with the heritage center we are doing our job by providing a very fitting tribute to all the heroes who came out of World War II.

“We have done our job for them, and I am very proud.”

Marge Bong Drucker