On June 9th the American Legion Post 435 will fly a flag of remembrance for Frank Benak.

Frank Vincent Benak was born in May 23, 1917 to Vincent and Barbara Benak in Berwyn Illinois. Vincent and Barbara had three sons, Frank, who was the oldest as well as James and
Joseph. He grew up helping his parents run their vegetable store in Chicago “Benak’s Fruit and Vegetable Store”. His parents withdrew him from school in the 9th grade because he
was such an asset. When Frank was a young adult, his Folks sold the store on a land contract and moved to Scottville Michigan to farm. They returned to Chicago twice to resume ownership and operation of the store. When Frank was 20 (1937) he and his family moved to Scottville For the final time. Frank continued to help his parents run the farm.

Frank pursued his education through a correspondence course and attained his GED. He loved the violin and was quite talented. He took lessons and occasionally played with the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra. He also worked at a local cheese Factory and then went to Auto-body school in Detroit
Michigan. He was working at a local auto-body shop when he received news of his draft.

Frank was inducted into the Army on May 8th, 1942 in Kalamazoo, Ml and was assigned to 128th Infantry Division. After training in Camp Livingston, Louisiana, he was shipped out For overseas duty in the Southwest Pacific. He was a member of the Cannon Company, 32nd Red Arrow Division. He was killed during patrol on the “Urbana Front”, volunteering For a dangerous mission that many of his group refused. He was listed as “Missing in Action”, his remains never recovered.

His family had strong hopes of finding him and searched Red Cross hospitals for years after his loss.

The government has just shared the details of his final days in 2016.

He is survived by his brother Joseph (Antoinette) Benak, South Range, Nephews Frank (Mary) Benak, George (Mary Jo) Benak, nieces Rose Benak Robinson, Boca Raton, FL and
Barbara (Patrick) Bergstrom, South Range, Mary (Richard) Becker, Jacksonville, FL as well as many great nieces and nephews. Other family members that have passed since his death include His parents, Vincent and Barbara, his brother James and sister-in-law Mildred, nephews Joseph Frank Benak (Viet Nam) and Edward Vincent Benak.